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This page is designed for people that may have a prayer request or question about something you feel we can answer. Feel free to ask any questions.

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  • Mary:

    Is your beautiful church considered orthodox, liberal, or some other identifying name? How does your worship service proceed? Do you have a silent portion? How often do you have communion? Is there a brochure that I could read to answer these and other questions that I have?

    • Sue:

      Mary, thank you for asking about our church. Our church is considered to be Evangelical. We are a part of The Evangelical Friends Church-Eastern Region. Check out their website http://www.efcer.org.

      Our worship service is like most contemporary churches. We sing songs from a hymnal or from a more modern chorus book. Our singing is accompanied by piano and small organ. We pray, take an offering,, etc. in a fairly structured order. We do have a short unstructured time when people share prayer requests or praises about something the Lord has done. The pastor gives a prepared sermon (though he doesn’t seem to follow his notes very closely).

      We do not observe communion very often, usually only as a part of a special service like on Holy (Maundy) Thursday, Christmas Eve, etc.

      You can find out more about our beliefs by going to the EFC-ER website listed above. If you have more questions we’ll be glad to try to answer them here or you might contact our pastor and arrange a time to visit our church and see inside.

  • Linda:

    I am inquiring to see if the church has any old records. John Densmore came to Raisin Centre with his mother and father and died in 1889. I am looking for information on the Densmore family.

    Thank you


  • Theresa (Disbro) Graf:

    Hello, fellow friends! I was meandering through the maze of the internet and happened on the name of my beloved pastor friend, James Brantingham…..then traced him here to his present church home. I grew much stronger in my Christian walk under his shepherdship and miss him and Betty very much. My children were little when we went to Evangelical Friends Church in Newport, Rhode Island. Both are now grown and I am a grandmother. I’m sending warm greetings to both Jim and Betty. God bless all of you!

    • Betty Brantingham:

      Hi Theresa, yes, I do remember you well from Newport. If I recall, you were one of our Navy families. I believe Mark looked us up once when we lived in FL. We’ve been in MI about 2 and half years, coming here our of retirement. Actually, Jim has retired three times, and I can’t see him ever retiring! Our oldest and youngest kids, Scott and Beth, still live in Newport, daughter, Ann, teaches English in China, and son, Ted, lives in Chattanooga. We’d enjoy hearing from you via internet: jbhbrantingham@gmail.com. Memories, Betty

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